Saturday, March 16, 2013

A party for a superhero and a princess ...

Today we celebrated Gavin's birthday.  Gavin and another little friend named Kylie are only days apart.   These two momma's were smart, we teamed up and celebrated together.  We did a combination superhero and princess themed birthday bash.  The kids had way more fun than I could even write about.  At times it got a little crazy, but everyone left in one piece, so it was all good.

We decided on cake pops as opposed to cupcakes or cake.  The kids loved them and it was so much easier to deal with.  We used little smash cakes for the birthday kids' candles and then the adults ate them up.

I think everyone loved the party favors.  The boys got personalized superhero capes and the girls got princess bubblegum necklaces.  I love doing favors that kids will actually use and not junk that they will throw away.

What a great party!

The birthday boy and girl!

The girls got bubblegum necklaces and loved them! 

The boys got superhero capes and loved them!

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